In the Moment

9:39 AM

~Noticing God's glory

This past weekend was a little cooler but last night the humidity began rising again.......the sun is peeking through the clouds this am........looks like another hot one

~listening to

Caleb on the computer playing club penguin.....that no computer before 3 rule? Well I am letting that slide today. Hannah Grace is sitting at the table coloring and talking to herself....I love listening to her baby babble!

~clothing myself in 

jammies's that type of morning!

~giving thanks for

Fellowship with great friends this weekend! It is so good for my spirit to be with families walking the same path as good for my kids too!

 ~pondering prayerfully

budgets and chore charts and plans for school.......

creating by hand

Another sweater is finished for Hannah Grace....and last week Emily andI joined in the mystery shawl knit on ravelry......we are having so much fun! I am almost done with clue 2! I will share all my knitting this Weds. at the yarn along!
 ~carefully cultivating rhythm

just when I think we have a good schedule that is working something changes....Lord let me follow your plans for us and be willing to go where you lead!

 ~keeping house

today we are organizing the kitchen cabinets! And maybe the pantry too!

 ~in the kitchen

fresh banana bread on the table this morning!

~health and fitness

Ran a 5k with Elaina and Christopher this past Sat. It was Christopher's first and he did great! Blew his Mom away of course! It was hot and I was regretting it from the start but in the end so glad I pushed myself to do it! I got first in my age group!!

~loving the moments

 the countdown to vacation has begun.....46 more days till we head to the beach!

~Hannah Grace

I was up all night last night with an unhappy little girl......not quite sure what is going fever or anything just plain restlessness, poor thing! Maybe it's a growth spurt......she will be 17 months old this week! We are finding random things in the garbage that do not belong there.....hmmmm! I'm wondering what has been thrown away that should not have been so far?

  ~living the liturgy

God is so patient with me and for that I am forever thankful and grateful! I am working on my priorities and getting them in order.....they have been a little out of wack lately. I need to keep God on the throne of this life if any of this is going to work right!

Psalm 25:15 My eyes are ever on the LORD
for only He will release my feet from the snare.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your post this morning - so real - love the part about finding things in the trash that don't belong. I also struggle every moment with serving God first and following his plan for my life - so easy to get caught up in all the details of a busy house.
    Wishing you a wonderful week,


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