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8:39 AM

It's a rainy day here in the woods and it looks like the perfect day to sip tea and spin for a while. I feel like we are still recovering from our fibery weekend at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I wrote a post on our adventure here if you are interested in seeing lots of sheep and wooly things!

This weeks knitting has been mainly working on  my sock blank socks. After seeing Susan B Andersons sock blanks I thought they looked like fun and I headed over to Gale's Arts and got one for myself. They are such a fun knit and I love thy way they are turning out! I am just making plain vanilla socks and I'm  about to turn the heel. My favorite heel these days is the OMG.....it really fits my foot perfectly.

I have been spinning this week and am just about ready to ply some gorgeous alpaca that I got from Upstream Alpacas. It's called Winter Day and it's 100% Baby Alpaca. It is the softest fiber and like spinning little clouds. I am spinning it on my CPW and enjoying every minute!

I had quite a surprise this week as I was interviewed for an article on guilds for a local magazine. I am calling this my 5 seconds of fame! They did spell my last name wrong and got a few other facts wonky but for the most part they captured how I feel about my fiber addiction. It was my first time out to the guild since ending chemo and a fun way to jump back in! You can find the article and photos online here.....Dirt Mag

I have not done much reading lately but hope to find something this week to delve into. Probably another audio book that will allow me to knit or spin while I listen. Looking forward to joining Ginny in the yarn along today and seeing what everyone is up too! Happy knitting!

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  1. hey, now you're famous!! lovely spinning and knitting :)

  2. What a lovely article! Your alpaca is gorgeous. I can imagine how soft that is.

  3. very cool!
    love the yarn you are spinning and the yarn you are using for the socks. :)

  4. So beautiful!! I really hope spinning is in my future, especially when I see lovely things like you are working on!

  5. Those socks are so much fun! Love the little designs on the blank.

    That alpaca you are spinning is lovely, too. That is such a pretty shade of blue.

  6. Such a lovely colour! Happy spinning. :) It looks so soft.

  7. The socks look great and I love the colour of the yarn you are spinning.

  8. Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing.


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