Gods Gifts.......

7:02 AM

I have been wanting to join the Gratitude Community over at Ann's blog Holy Experience. I have said it, thought about it but just never took the time to do it. I love the idea of keeping a running list of those things we are so thankful for. So today I begin but right now I am not seeing these things as items just to be thankful for but as gifts straight from Gods hands.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Since Brian's accident my view on life has shifted......in a way that allows me to see Gods hand more clearly then before. It is hard to explain but even the most mundane things seem a gift from Him. But isn't everything here on earth a gift from Him? And how sad that I knew that before but did not really act like it before.
I am purposing now to enjoy every gift He has given me....and to give THANKS!!

A few precious gifts I am opening today...... (not going to # them as I know the list is endless!)

Your word Lord which feeds me so well

My hand on my husbands chest as he sleeps....the comfort of it's rise and fall

the joy of knowing you hold his heart in your hand and he is yours

a beautiful view outside my window the ground covered in a dusting of white

warmth and glow from the wood stove in the early morning light

sleepy tousled headed children curling next to me

the promise of a new day to glorify you, praise you and learn more of your grace and mercy......

What gifts are you opening today???

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  1. A steaming cup of coffee
    Music lifting my spirit with song
    A marriage that has lasted through time
    Good friends
    Rain washing the dusty sufrace of gardens and roads
    A purring cat curling up on my lap


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