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I've been wanting to post some pics of my space. We moved my boys room to a bigger area on our first floor and I decided to make this the craft/school/computer room!!
Well.....mostly the scraproom!! HeHeHe!! It is still a work in progress but I just cleaned up a bit and thought I would share these while you can still see the worktop and the floor!

This is from the the left what you don't see is the kids computer area and an open closet with lots of shelves with books and supplies for our homeschooling adventures... what you do see are my shelves with my cardstock and embellys organized by library of memories storage albums and my wide format printer. A wood table that my kids usually use for crafts or if they are scrapping with me...right now I am in the middle of LOM and so I am using it to sort photos and other stuff. You also see my wire cubes that hold all my printed paper. Directly in front of you is a cart that has my sizzix on it and a turn table with my punches.

This shows my work space. I love this L shape as I can really spread out. And I really love my peg board!! Thanks Hubby!!! All the product I use the most is hanging right at my finger tips!! I try to keep like items together so it is some what organized....right now I have a wooden shelf (thrift store find!!) that is holding my clear cd cases with my stamps... it is above my wire cubes. You can see my slice, sewing machine, laptop, cutter and all my tools within reach. The wire shelves under the counter hold adhesives, all my brads and fasteners and I have a draw full of my flowers...

This is a close up of my wall art....I got this over at onceuponadesign
and I found these shelves that are big enough to hold my ribbon jars.

This is another shot of my work space. I love to see what I have and so this system works great for me. What I usually do is when I get new product I will find a place for it on the peg board....every couple months I will go through and pull some and put it in the draws on my shelf that are organized by color. I am definitely a color scrapbooker and this works for me! The cute round bulletin boards I made from fabric and embroidery hoops....sooo easy and very cute!!

Like I said it is a work in progress..still need curtains and some other things but I did it all from items we already had and thrift store finds.....I hope you enjoyed the tour!!

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  1. That's really a nice space you've got there - great job!

  2. Fantastic work space. You are so well organized.

  3. have inpsired me to get organised!

  4. Love your pegboard, I just set one up myself and am curious where you got the pegboard shelves that hold the ribbon? You can see mine here: (2nd post down)

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