Tootin My Horn!!!!!

10:48 AM

Oh Yeah!! Can I just toot my own horn for a second......well it's my blog so I'm gonna!!
Head on over to Jessica Spragues Playground Blog and you will see that one of my challenge layouts is being spotlighted today!!!! They picked a few layouts to highlight so far and mine is one of them!!!!! I am beyond amazed!! The digi scrappers over there are truly top notch and highly creative...I can not even believe they chose one of my layouts.....not only that but its one with an amazing bible verse on it!!
Ok someone is gonna have to pull me down.....I am walkin on air!!!!

Here is the link to the post....Jessica Sprague

and this is the layout that is spotlighted.....

that is Jacobs feet by the way......
Ok I'm done tootin......have a great day!!

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  1. Congrats girl!! Your LO rocks:)

  2. Well, toot away, girl! You deserve it!!! I wish I knew more about digi scrappin'. It seems so easy but not for someone who doesn't have such a great relationship with the computer. Shhh... it might here me talkin' about it. he he he. Hey, congrats!!!


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