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"In the absence of Biblical conviction, 
people will go the way of culture." SBC

 I have been struggling lately.....with the deception that the enemy has put out there for Mothers.....that so many christian leaders and people are buying into. Sally from Wholeheart Ministries had a blog post yesterday they made me want to stand up and cheer!!! YES LORD! that we would have more women like Sally out there pounding back the deception that so many women are buying in to!

A prominent Christian womens leader and speaker was asked what to do with children and how we can influence them as Moms. Her response was not biblical....it was "cultural". She basically said we live in hard times and it is NORMAL for teens to rebel.....AHHHHHH! Hold me back!!

Sally responded....."Now it is true that we are in difficult times and the culture pulls at our children's hearts and some may go astray. But that doesn't mean all will-and it doesn't mean we shouldn't fight for their hearts, give them a reason to be faithful, seek to make our home the best place they will ever be, so that they will want to be with us and love the God we love and serve."

"Has she met some of these wonderful 20 somethings that came from our homes and love God and love His kingdom work, who, though tested, came out passionate for His kingdom? But these results were not accidental--they were by God's design."

I have three young adults (no teenagers here)in my home right now and I am not saying that it is always easy.....but we are trying on a daily basis to raise these children to know and love and serve their savior. Do they always get it...do I??? Of course not but the point is we are trying and God is with us every step of the way....
I love the conversations I have with my young adults...some times they see things much more clearly then me....God uses them all the time to reveal many of His truths to me!

"But, I am talking about responsibility---we are responsible to direct our children's lives. We are called to give up our lives, as Jesus gave up His life for us, for the well being of training, loving and preparing our children for life--eternal life. Nothing great was ever accomplished without great sacrifice!"

Has anyone ever read the verse, "Woe to the one who causes the least of these little ones to stumble. It would be worse for him than if a millstone was hung around his neck and he was thrown into the deepest part of the sea."
Jesus had a pretty strong opinion about what we would face if we willingly put our children in harm's way--he said that little children were what the kingdom was made of--we cannot be a mature Christian and get rid of the "burden" of having children by giving the training of them to others--can't be spiritual and ignore the responsibility of our children's souls. 

Our childrens souls!!! Yes that is what is at stake!  Please go over to Sally's blog and read her whole post on this......we need more moms to stand up for what the bible says. We need to be encouraging one another and letting other Moms know about the blessings that are to be had if they only believe what God says.....not the culture.

Ok, I will step down from my soapbox now ....I am planning on attending the Wholeheart Conference this March.....what a refreshing time it will be to stand in agreement with other like minded women! I am so looking forward to it!!


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