Thankful in it all

9:10 AM

Where have I been?....Well this summer brought some surprises and blessings and let me just say I am thankful in so many ways.....

What better way to jump back into blogging then starting right off with joining in on Multitude Monday to count my gifts......

verses hidden and written on our hearts

A boy that is growing and turned 9 this year
a young lady who turned into a running champion this summer and also turned 15
getting to run with Elaina in a 5k......she was way ahead of me but we both finished!
the biggest gift this summer!!! And why I ran so slow at that last race! Baby #8 is due mid March!

backyard visitors
first lost tooth and another little boy growing so fast!
fun times at blue mountain lake

 another great vacation at Union Beach!
 me and the baby at 10 weeks......a gift straight from heaven

freedom in Christ!

and another gift of grace as Brian, Elaina, Claire and Garrett were baptized September 12, 2010 at Akenac Lake.......

I hope to be blogging again more frequently......we'll see how life goes!


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  1. oh how exciting for you! Congratulations on your gift!
    Those deer in the yard were beautiful as well, lovely list, great pictures. Praise God for all his gifts that are so ABUNDANT and beautiful. :)

  2. Great way to get the blog ball started again! love the recap - makes me feel like I've been right there beside you the whole time! Well done....and congratulations on #8!!!*Blessings*

  3. Beautiful! Good for you on the 5K! I ran my first one this August too.



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