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It's Weds. and that means it's time to join in on the Yarn Along over at Small Things........ I am still working on Brians sweater and from the looks of it will be for some time!! I really like the yarn and the color is a really nice forest green called toad.....I've been knitting more then reading lately.....I'm waiting for a box from amazon with some new books for easy summer reading....can't wait!

I just finished these adorable booties for Hannah Grace! These are the first pair I ever made and I think I'm hooked!! I mean really.....how cute are these!! I made them to go with the shrug I knit her!!

I'm so blessed to have a little girl to knit for!!

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  1. What sweet little booties and Hannah looks absolutely adorable in them. I bet they were quick to knit as well. I can see how they would be fun to make. Hope your box of books turns up soon! Happy knitting!

  2. Aw, she looks so gorgeous in her pink booties and matching soaker. Happy knitting!

  3. Just popped over form Ginny's blog. Your little one is so sweet(in her handknits)! You are so blessed to be able to knit for a little bundle! AND I completely in awe that you aware of it! What a wonderful gift for your little girl!

  4. Thanks for the comments on my yarn along post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those booties!! Do they stay on her feet?? What pattern is it and was it difficult?? I saw the pic of you BSJ! It is beautiful. How did you add the beautiful ruffle??

  5. What a cutie! So sweet! Love the handknits... great work!

  6. Oh!! She is so adorable!! Your knits look great and the yarn is beautiful. 8!! How fun!! I love reading blogs of bigger families. I have no idea how many children we'll end up with one day...so far it's 3 boys and always hoping for a girl.

  7. The pink booties are lovely on your precious little girl!
    I need to pick a project for a grandchild due in October.
    Enjoy the box of new books!

  8. Oh, those booties!
    What sweetness your little one :)
    She must be around the same age as my littlest love.

  9. Oh my God are those booties the cutest or what?? And so is your girl of course, adorable *sigh*

  10. What soaker pattern did you use? I love the pink!!


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