Yarn Along on a rainy day......

11:39 AM

Good morning.....I missed the last two yarn alongs....last week we survived the hurricane but had no power for 4 days! Watching the news I know a lot of people had worse to deal with so I am not complaining about a few trees down and no power for a few days......it did give me a lot of time to knit!!
I am trying to finish up some projects and in between have started others so this is a very picture heavy post! I did put these fingerless mitts on the needles yesterday after seeing them on pinterest.....I have never done cables before of mitts so I am having fun figuring these out.....and they are fast and easy! You can find them here

For reading this week I have been busy preparing for a study I am leading on 21 Days of Prayer for our sons.  We have a facebook group online and we are all covering our boys with scripture prayers.....I can't wait to see how God uses this in the lives of me and my boys!

And speaking of my boys.....after seeing the cute booties i made Hannah grace last week everyone wanted a pair! So I started in on making each of the kids and Dad a pair of mukluk slippers. I finished Emily's first (no pic) and then whipped out Christopher a pair....these are so easy and will keep tootsies nice and warm this winter! I will leave you with a few pics of Hannah Grace modeling here newest booties and trying to get them in her mouth! These really stay on well even with all her kicking and pulling! Love them!!! Ravelry notes here

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is knitting over at Small Things today! Head over grab a cup of tea and be ready to get inspired! Happy Knitting!!

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  1. Your daughter is SO CUTE!! I love seeing homemade knit items on babies. :)

  2. Those mukluks are so cute. I just purchased something by the same name and it looks just like it from Knitting Pure & Simple. Is that the pattern you used? I agree, your daughter is so cute trying to pull off those booties.

  3. All of your knitting is lovely! The fingerless mitts are cute and I love the cabling detail :)

  4. The mukluks are great! I love the fact that everyone wanted a pair. That happening in my house would constitute a true miracle!

  5. Blessings on your study "21 days of praying for our boys". I have spent many hours praying for my son and the Lord is faithful. Now I need to pray for my grandson.

    The mukluks look so warm and comfy!

  6. adorable!! i love all your knitting! i think i see some mucklucks in our future too. thank you for sharing!

  7. Any knits for the feet always look cosy to me - love the little ones you have made.
    Pretty mitts you are working on too.


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