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5:36 PM

It's Weds. and I'm trying to get this post put together so I can join in this weeks Yarn Along over at Ginny's. Knitting has been slow this week and I'm frustrated that I have not found more time for my needles.

My schedule these days is crazy.......so much time spent in the car, running here .....trying to get there.....oh how I wish for days when all the kids were littles and the hours included long cuddles and reading on the couch and naps. But now there is co-op and tutoring and library trips and driving certain older children to and from jobs.......this is all good too....but I am a home body and love long days spent here at home with all the children here around me! And so today finds me at 5:00 pm pulling together some photos and trying to get this post up.

I started rereading The Power of a Praying Wife. It is the next book study in the Titus 2 group I am in. I am looking forward to making praying for my husband a priority again!

And on the needles is a cute milo vest for my 5 year old Caleb. I picked up the yarn last weekend and cast on in the hopes of finishing it quick so he can wear it. He asks me every day when it will be ready! I just started the body so hopefully sometime this week it will be done! I am loving the color of this yarn ...it's berroco ultra alpaca....so soft and squishy!

I am also posting these pictures of the baby wearing her knits......I have not posted the finished pics of these sweaters before and well I just can't seem to put up a post without a cute baby pic in it!
Beyond pupernuim cardigan ravelry notes here
small things cardigan ravelry notes here

I am looking forward to taking tomorrow afternoon and grabbing a cup of tea and curling up on the couch with my laptop to check out everyone's links for the yarn along........Happy Knitting!!!

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  1. Beautiful sweaters for your darling baby! She looks delighted to be wearing them!

  2. What cute little sweaters! That baby is a natural model, I think. See the way she poses in the pink, especially!

  3. Alisa, Thanks for your sweet comment over on my yarn along contribution this week. :) I know what you mean about not having too much time for picking up the needles, but one thing I found to be helpful for those busy days of driving to and fro is to keep my knitting with me and work a row here and there while the kids are in a lesson or even during our co-op. By the way, love the vest pattern and hope you'll share photos when it's finished. :) Blessings! ~Lisa

  4. Oh, such cute sweaters! But not nearly so cute as the baby. :)

  5. Absolutely love the sweaters. Especially the mustard color.


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