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Well the past few weeks I have not made it here to post my day book.......summer is in full swing and I must say we are just too busy enjoying these days! Filled with swimming......sun and the whirring of the air conditioners as we battle the heat! I also started going to a bible study on Monday mornings and we have to be out of the house by's all good!! So i think I might do an abbreviated daybook on Mondays if I get a chance but if not I am not going to beat myself up about it!!

~Noticing God's glory has been really hot and the plants are beginning to look a little weary of it.....we had an amazing storm blow through on Sat. in the matter of minutes it went from this

to beautiful sunshine again.....the clouds were amazing!

~listening to

lunchtime.......boys busy in the kitchen fixing food and Hannah Grace toddling around with someones cell phone......beeep beep!!

~clothing myself in 

capris and a t-shirt......we just got in from bible study

~giving thanks for

My Mom who came up to stay and to celebrate her birthday with us......a weekend spent in the pool and sun! Emily is back from her trip and there is much to give thanks for there!!!

 ~pondering prayerfully

school decisions for next year.......

creating by hand

I started knitting fingerless mitts for Emily while she was more to go!!

 ~carefully cultivating rhythm

we are slowly getting into a summer rhythm.....

 ~keeping house

working on those new chore charts.......yes this still.......

 ~in the kitchen

grilling.....lots of good grilling going on!! Oh and salads, lots of salads!!

~health and fitness

Last week I started bodypump and also took a spinning class......I really enjoyed both and am going back this week again.....Elaina also liked the spinning!! Still running.....we have a 5k on the 21st......a 5k in this July heat...what was I thinking

~loving the moments

  all of them! Lazy days at the nights with the whirl of the air conditioner in the background.....

~Hannah Grace

Stop the clock........this one is getting big way to fast!! She struts around here with her hands on her hips looking oh so cute.....she is babbling all the time now and Daddy is ready to kick her out of bed......she likes to push him to the edge during the can such a little person take up so much room in the bed?

 ~living the liturgy

Began a bible study at Sheila's on biblical week in and loving it. 

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  1. I think the same storm blew through here as well. I kept praying that the electricity would stay (it did). We were so lucky that one tiny limb fell. Your little one is cute!


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