A New Look!

4:37 PM

I decided to start another blog and put all my scrapbook and creative stuff on it and keep this one for everything else...I'm hoping this will keep me more organized in my thoughts and I will begin posting more often....I plan on trying to keep all family and friends updated on our comings and goings through this blog so I guess I should get busy!!! Oh my new blog for scrapping is over at lifescrapspsalm78.blogspot.com....go check it out!!u
I am trying to give the blog an update and had this cute pic of the kids in our backyard....yep....this was just a random shot and yes that is pjs on some of the kids (don't your kids run around outside in the late morning with pjs on??) And notice my oldest E14 thought it would look cool to have her crocs on the wrong feet...(she wanted to see if I would notice...)
Here is an update in pictures of what we have been busy doing this Sept.
On Sept.10 we headed to the beach!! Island beach state park was a blast and even though it was a bit chilly....74 degrees..the kids enjoyed the water!!!

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