Mega Memory Month

8:15 AM

Did you know October was mega memory month? Well I did not either until I read about it on Ann Kroekers Blog. You can check out the post here. So I have decided that we will participate as a family.
This month our church is having a reformation day celebration and as a family we will be studying Martin Luther. So I have picked the Apostles' Creed for our memorization piece. Remember I have ages 2 up to 14 so I wanted something that even the little guys could do...I might have us older ones add some scripture memory onto that..we'll see. Please go visit Ann's post as it has some great resources for how to memorize.

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  1. I didn't know October was a month that was suppose to focus on memory or rather tasks that make you use your memory. Do they have lots of spelling bee's in October too. I think that teaching the kids how to remember things by utilizing symbols is good. Remembering that your car is parked near a sign can be quite helpful and I was never taught this in school.


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