Project 365 and LOM

1:21 PM

Well I might be asking for trouble but I decided to dive in to PROJECT 365.....a picture a day. I thought it would be easy because I take loads of pics every day.....but now I have to take a pic to represent that day and journal about it......I can do this!!! It will be so cool to have an album of our whole I am making it a priority!!

Another priority this year is organization!!! I am tired of feeling behind....of not getting to scrap from my heart because I need to scrap this event or that first....well, no more! I am taking the Library of Memories class with Stacy Julian over at Big Picture Scrapbooks. It starts in February and I can't wait to get going!! Woo Hoo!! Organized and never behind....I can't wait!!
I was just over at Faith Sisters and if you are looking for some awesome challenges you must jump over there and check them out!!! There are so many I don't know what ones I want to do. I would do them all but just don't have the time.... So check them out!! Faith Sisters

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