Vacation!! Warning this post is photo heavy!

6:16 PM

We are back from our vacation! We spent 2 glorious sun filled weeks at the Jersey Shore! Can you say BLESSED!!! Yes we feel so blessed to have had this see we were house and dog sitting for a missionary family! This family spends their summers in Romania doing Gods work!

I just want to post a few of the pictures we took....yes I took too many but there was so many good photo ops! Here are just a few...

A sandy boy!!!

more sandy boys!Caleb and me...

Elaina and her new friend Nia......

Claire, Nia and Ginger.....after a walk and a swim in the bay.
testing the waters

Caleb loved the ocean!

we dug lots of holes!
Point Pleasant board Walk....excuse Garrett's pretzel mouth!!
Boogie Boarding!

New Friends.....this is Ginger...such a sweet heart!

The view of of the beach from the Light Houses..and New York beyond in the horizon.

Elaina and I fooled around with some of the settings on the camera and got these amazing sunset pictures....

It's good to be home and we are praising God for a time that was relaxing and fun!!


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