Life is crazy and other things that have been happening.....

11:30 AM

I know things have been quiet around here for a while. And I also know I need to catch up on getting those Momheart conference posts done.....but my attention has been on my Dad right now as he has been in the hospital the past 2 weeks. My Dads cancer is spreading and there is no treatment left for him....the main goal is keeping the pain under control and keeping him comfortable.

So many thoughts fly through my mind these days....My Dad loves the Lord and has served him  and yet here he pain and with no rescue in sight....Yet, my Mom and I see him being rescued everyday as we all rely on the Lord and lean on His strength and power to pull us all through this. Yes, there is pain and grief but there is the hope that we have in Him who loves us.....and my Dad has a new body waiting for him in heaven and one day I will dance with him there...pain free.....and with our Saviors hand in ours....

So things might be quiet here for a while as I try to keep up with my family and help my Mom.....I do have one post ready to go about a very exciting ministry my son Jacob is doing so look for that!!!


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