The Summer of YES!!!

6:06 PM

I've been thinking a lot about YES. The word can be a powerful thing! After reading Ann's post about her year of yes and then being reminded of it again reading this post as well I decided to make an effort to be the Mom that says YES!

Yes to the paint.......and yes to the clay.........yes to the baking of more cookies and yes to staying up late and sleeping under the stars.
YES, YES and more YES!!

Not only to the pleading eyes of my children but also to the tugging of the Holy Spirit on my heart. Come.....YES!
Be with Me......YES!
Keep me in your everyday and worship Me as you do your housework and clean the toilets......YES!
Even as I clean those toilets and do another load of never ending laundry I will answer YES and find the holy in all of it......Let my life be a living sacrifice of YES LORD!

YES! Boys we can dig in the dirt and plant a three sisters garden just like the Lenape Indians did......Corn in the middle......beans to grow up the corn and squash at the bottom. And God blessed us with toads and spiders and even a snake found while digging.

This is the summer of YES!


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