Hannah Grace - 3 weeks

1:22 PM

I've had these next few posts in my head but it's hard these days finding the time to get them posted.....but I am determined to keep up......especially with these notes to Hannah......

Well 3 weeks found us in a place I did not think we would be again........I took Hannah Grace in for her weight check on 3/18. Brian and I both thought she was looking a little yellow again but Dr. Chi was concerned and sent us for another lab work up to check her levels........she also had not gained any weight since she had left the hospital almost 2 weeks before........
We were shocked to haer that her levels were even higher then before! Elaina was with me that day and Dr. Chi sent us over to Morristown Childrens Hospital to go under the lights and have the specialists run tests as to what was going on. I thank God Elaina was with me........I was a  little upset and we had to drive from Hackettstown to Morristown and she really was a blessing as we talked and prayed on the ride over. I also called Brian and he left right away to meet us there.
We had to go in through emergency and that is when things started getting bad....We got there around 5 and for the next 8 hours we were in a little emergency room as they ran tests........tried to start an IV (yes, I did say start.....they never did get it in.....after 8 people tried and my poor baby screamed......it is something I'd rather forget!) They took blood and urine samples and all the while kept telling me we would have a room upstairs soon........she needed to be under the lights and yet that is about the only thing that was not happening.......I have very bad memories of that emergency room and I just thank God Hannah Grace is not going to remember it! I finally sent Brian home with Elaina and Garrett around 11:00pm......and I finally went upstairs at around 2am. And finally she was put under the lights....her poor little fists were bruised from the poking......and her heels from all the blood they took. I was just exhausted and sat up by her isolate most of the night. Her level was over 23 when we went in but immediately started coming down under the lights......I had to pump to feed her so she could stay in the lights......Through all this she was so good and mostly happy and she never acted like she was sick at all! They ran all sorts of other tests and everything came back negative! They decided it must be breast milk jaundice and we came home on Monday afternoon with a normal bili level and a weight gain of a few ounces.
So on your 3 week birthday you were in the hospital under the lights. Not the place I thought we would be and I am so glad it is over!
It was such a crazy weekend and I could not even bring myself to pray the way I wanted to.....all I could do was ask God to hold us and protect us.......looking back I had so much time just sitting there waiting and in the midst of it all I just found it hard to pray. I was lucky to have others lifting us up before God's throne.

We are so happy to be home and getting settled again.......the other kids are catching up on the hugs and love for Hannah that they missed all weekend. I love watching how all their relationships are forming and growing.....what a blessing to have a big family! There is always so much love!!!


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