It's time for the yarn along.....

11:27 AM

Seems these days the only posts I am making are for the yarn along......well, summer is busy and I guess I'm glad Ginny does this yarn along or I would not be posting at all!!
The puerperium cardy from my last post is done and only needs buttons.....any ideas on places to find cute buttons??

So I've gone back to plugging away at Brians is coming along slowly but surely....I just keep praying that the size will be good. This is my first really big project.....I'm loving the yarn...Ravelry notes here.
I am about to cast on for a new project......I'll share that next week.....acute tunic for Hannah Grace....something to do when I get tired of the endless rounds on Brian's sweater!!
I began rereading my all time favorite homeschooling book.....Educating the Whole Hearted Child by the Clarksons. I love this book and know it will help me focus as we begin our 17th year homeschooling! My 4 year old little guy has me reading this cute little book over and over to Him.....It's the Lords Prayer.  I think he will have it memorized in no time!!
Make your way over to Small Things and join in the Yarn Along!! I have found so many new projects and loads of inspiration from all the creative ladies that link up every week!!


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  1. Thank you for your comment on my post. :)

    Someday I plan on knitting a man-sized sweater for my husband ... maybe after I graduate. :) The homeschooling book looks really good!

  2. Brave you, to knit a big sweater. Like the tweedy look to the yarn. Is that book her updated version? I have an older one with the old-fashioned illustrations on the front (borrowed it from a friend). I haven't even scratched the surface of it.

  3. There is a big sweater in my future, too...I'm feeling a bit nervous about that one! Yours looks great!

  4. good for you working on the big sweater! I know what you mean about endless rounds though- when I was making sweaters for my boys last fall I *had* to start something else with a little more interest to it to work on sometimes or I wouldn't have made it through all that stockinette.


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