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I missed last weeks yarn along......I had good intentions of getting a post up but some how the time was just never there for me to sit and do it. I have decided I really like having this log of my knitting and reading.....it is fun to go back and look at my progress and also all I am learning as I continue to grow in this habit {addiction??} of mine! I have been knitting about a year and a half now and I wonder what I ever did before it?

My eldest daughter and I have signed up for a beginner spindle spinning class.......this is next on my list of things I must learn! I am looking at kick spindles right now and my creative husband has promised me a home made one from his wood shop soon!! I am so excited about this new learning adventure and can't wait to wear something with wool that I actually spun.....how fun is that!! My dream is a spinning wheel......I need to start saving my pennies!!!

So this week on the needles.........my mystery shawl is sooooo close to being done....but I have run out of yarn. From what I have read lots of people ran out and so the #'s must have been off to begin with. So now I am waiting for the yarn to arrive. This picture isn't the best but you can at least see how it is turning out! I love it and can see me wrapped up this fall all warm and cozy! Such a unique design and lot's of fun to knit!!

This little poncho that I shared a couple weeks ago has been ripped out and restarted 3 times.....switching patterns each time. Do you ever find that those quick little projects sometimes turn into more of a project then anticipated? I am finally happy with the way this one is turning out and I am just about to cast off the bottom and start working on the hood....I am thinking I want to put a little knitted ruffle on the bottom edge....thoughts??? Ravelry notes

Hannah Grace is almost 18 months now and is in need of some bigger soakers so I also knitted up a new one for her in some 100 pure wool that I just received. Can I tell you how much I love this wool?? So soft and squishy.....perfect for a soaker! I used the free curly purly pattern and it was a quick easy knit. Ravelry notes

I wanted to post this little bible study book. A group of ladies that I homeschool with have been doing this study over the last 5 weeks and it is really good. It is all about biblical beauty and what it means to be a biblical beautiful woman. A very powerful message here and one our daughters need to hear as well! It's called Beauty by the Book by Laurie Cole

I'm thinking Christmas gifts  list lately......and what I need to get going on the needles! Anyone else having these thoughts??

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  1. I hate when I run out of yarn at least it's not your fault. I hope the yarn arrives quickly-the shawl looks great!. How exciting to be taking a spinning class and that your husband will make you a wheel!

  2. I Love your shawl!!! It is so beautiful...I love the colors and the design.


  3. Aww! That stinks. I hope the yarn arrives soon.

  4. Ooh your mystery shawl looks very interesting - quite an unsual construction. I do hope your yarn arrives soon and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

  5. hmm what an interesting shawl..The pic shows it off well..learning to spin is on my bucket list..but I'm in an isolated area and have no teachers..I hope you enjoy it..

  6. Your shawl looks great! what a pain to run out. Your soaker is so cute too, I miss knitting wee things like that!

  7. Love the colors in the poncho! How frustrating to run out of yarn for your shawl. Hope it comes quickly!

  8. Squeee - spinning lessons, how lucky! I'd love to learn how to spin.

    I'm thinking holiday gifts, too, but I am procrastinating over where to start...


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