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7:36 AM

 Hot tea, boxes of tissues and some good read aloud books is what you will find on the coffee table this week.....as most of us are battling a seasonal cold. Oh and of course some knitting!! I started a new project this week and it is almost done! I wanted to make the baby leggings to wear under her dresses......warm wooly leggings!! This pattern has been great I just adapted it from tights to leggings by putting ribbing at the ankle and not doing the feet. Simple but I believe they will be oh so cute on her! Ravelry notes here.

And something amazing happened this week. I will share with you my fellow knitters because I know you can understand the hugeness of this for me...... I have been  making knitted items for Hannah Grace since she was a baby....she always sees me with my knitting and I am always trying items on her and then of course she eventually wears the finished items. Well this past week as I grabbed her yet again to hold something up to her she looked at me and smiled....held that sweater to her chest and hugged it.......oh my........my heart just melted. Since then she comes up to me when I am knitting and in her 19 month old way asks to try on her sweater.....and when I finished it this week she ran around the house showing all her siblings and twirling in it! She loves her knitted items!!!! I can not tell you how cute this is and how it does my knitters heart good! I knit for my older kids as well and they are always appreciative and tell me so.....but to actually see Hannah Grace come to understand right before my eyes that this is a special thing for her and to see her try to tell me without words that she likes it and it makes her happy......that is just amazing!! Here are a few photos of her in her new pumpkin sweater......with our crazy new puppy! loved this pattern by the way... a great knit! Ravelry notes here

I've mostly been reading kids books this week and we have gotten back to reading from our favorite children's bible The child's story bible by Catherine F. Voss.  Our most favorite of all!! It's rainy here yet again and so it looks like another good day for snuggling up with the kids and reading and knitting.....

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  1. how sweet that at 19 months she is a true lover of knits :) Love the sweater, and I think the color looks lovely on her.

  2. Lovely lovely sweater, and adorable pictures!!

  3. Awww, how sweet! I love her little sweater. I need to make some pants for my little one soon too!

  4. oh what a little darling! what a lovely autumnal colour.

    I hope the coughs and colds soon pass...star anise with lemon and honey is supposed to be really good.

    Take care,

  5. A puppy!! CUTE!! I love the excitement in kids loving knits, its so sweet. Your pumpkin sweater is too, and woolly leggings - genius!

  6. I love the sweater! She looks so sweet in it! The leggings are neat too. I'm off to look at the pattern!

  7. What a sweet moment! Definitely one to cherish! She is adorable as well as her sweater! :)

  8. What a cutie! Our future little knitter looks so sweet in that yummy pumpkiny sweater. Well done!

  9. What a lovely colour of yarn and such sweet photographs!


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