Yarn Along......on the road!

7:43 AM

Yesterday was a very long day.......in the car. And I decided to redeem the time by casting on for a sweater for me!  (Driftwood) I have been eying this pattern for a while and decided to jump in and just do it! The size of it is a little scary to me and I think it might take a while to complete but it looks so cozy and warm so I'm gonna give it a go! The yarn is knit one crochet too meadow silk in an amazing pewter colorway.....I am loving it!
Three hours in the car and I am two pattern repeats into the main body.......

 And since I can't seem to post without  at least one baby picture here is a silly shot from our road trip yesterday.....Hannah Grace is enjoying making faces in the side mirror....too cute!

Oh and remember that adorable little pink sweater I knitted up as a gift for a new little cousin? I got to hold that baby this past weekend and she was wearing my little sweater!!! Too sweet!!

I have made my list and will be casting on this week for a few Christmas gifts.....mostly hats and mitts. Small manageable projects that I can get done fairly quickly (I hope!!)

Not much reading got accomplished this week.....I do want to get a new book for my iphone and I'm hoping for to find some good ideas through this weeks yarn along!!

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along this week.....Happy Knitting!!

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  1. how exciting that you are knitting for you! Love the pattern you chose, it's on my list. Happy knitting and you look so sweet with a little wee baby in your arms :)

  2. ahhh, new babies. i love it. the sweet sweater looks great. :)
    and, I have a set of those lovely circular needles. so beautiful to work with.

  3. I love seeing people wearing the hand knits made for them. It lets me know they are appreciated.

  4. I love knitting in the car! And you'll do so well with Driftwood. :) It already looks really good!

  5. Love knitting on road trips. Your little pink baby sweater is darling.

  6. What a sweet baby photo!

    Love the photo of Hannah Grace looking in the mirror...too sweet! And way to go attempting a sweater for yourself! I need to do this too...I have only knitted one thing for myself and it was just a simple cowl! :)


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