The best Birthday gift ever......yes, it has something to do with yarn!

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For the past year I have been wanting to get my hands on fiber and learn to spin. I've thought about it....talked about......but made no time to learn it. So for my birthday this year my oldest daughter and I decided to spend the day at a wonderful alpaca farm learning everything we could about spinning.....It was amazing for two reasons....first because I am so blessed to have a daughter who also has a passion for handmade and does not mind hanging with her mother......second it was a full day of playing with fiber and making one of my most favorite things......yarn!!!!
Hidden Pastures is a beautiful place and Natalie and Pat were so friendly and such great teachers! We learned all about the different wheels and then the different fibers and then we started spinning. I must tell you that Emily took off faster then I did.....she really was a natural, but I soon got the hang of it and it was all I thought it would be and more! We spun then we plyed then we spun some more! Stopping only to eat yummy treats!

 Do notice the gorgeous shawl my daughter is wearing.....she loves lace knitting and it's one of her favs!

Emily and I both spun on a double treadle ashford traveler wheel.......and we loved it! We started on a single treadle traditional but the double treadle is definitely the one for us. So of course this little beauty now resides beside my wood stove at home ready for me to practice....practice.....practice! Happy Birthday me!!!!

Our yarn was not perfect....very artsy we called it! We still need to give it a bath and then maybe dye it.....not sure yet if I want it natural or not. We spun wool first and then pure alpaca which was really I'll be sticking with some wool blends in the beginning!

 This little guy is Zak the yak and Natalie will be getting fiber from him this spring.....his coat is amazing!

Their were alpacas everywhere you looked! This was the best Birthday ever and just the perfect day! Oh and I managed to get my little scarf  blocked this week I really love this yarn and the colors are so fun!!

Downton Scarf rav notes here
Sorry for the photo heavy post but I just wanted to share my excitement! I always say there is not enough time to I have to fit knitting and spinning into that time......oh boy!!! Joining Ginny for the yarn long.....

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  1. I enjoyed every single photo. Lucky you to have a buddy to spin with! I love how you sprinkled hand knits in the photos :) I bet that yak fiber is going to feel super soft!

  2. What an amazing post! Your pictures are great and your yarn looks fine, so keep up the good work!

  3. What a blessing to be sharing a hobby with your daughter.

  4. What a blessing to be sharing a hobby with your daughter.

  5. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me! :-)

  6. happy birthday to you...what an amazing day!
    your pictures are wonderful.

  7. how absolutly wonderful! to learn spinning and with your daughter (her scarf is gorgeous, she is so pretty in it! and you in your sweater, lovely!)happy birthday to you, it does sound like an amazing one. enjoy your new wheel!

  8. What a wonderful birthday you had. How lovely your daughter enjoys knitting too.

  9. although we are both busy, my daughter and I got to enjoy a movie and knitting day or two over her Christmas break. fun...

  10. how wonderful that you got to share this experience with your daughter! knitting (and spinning, too, I bet!) is so much fun but having a daughter that enjoys a passion like this as well is icing on your cake!


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