Yarn Along.......the tale of a homespun bunny!

7:27 AM

Spinning and knitting are fighting for time in my daily plans! Since I am trying to perfect my spinning that is winning out right now.......and I'm ok with that! My last skein was a 2 ply DK weight and pretty consistent.....I'm getting there and I am loving the process!
I kept looking at my first skein.......this lumpy bumpy one that I made and plyed at my first lesson. I wanted to use it for something and I came up with this.........
First I used this tutorial and dyed it pretty shades of purple! I used the crockpot and it was soooo easy and came out amazing!! I highly recommend doing this.....soooo fun!



then I found this cute Bunny Nugget pattern and ended up with a sweet purple bunny for Hannah Grace's Easter basket!! I used every last bit of that skein and now have my first project from my handspun!! It's just a simple beanbag type bunny but I know she will love it!

Hopefully I can start spinning well enough for my next project to be a little more exciting but for now I am pretty excited about this cute little bunny and having an actual project made from my homespun!

 I also crocheted this cute little hat that Hannah Grace is modeling here.........

This sweet hat is going to an amazing 3 year old who is fighting cancer. Her Grandfather works with my husband and we have been praying for her as she goes through all her treatments. I can not imagine one so little having to go through what she is but we know God hears our prayers! If you think of it would you join us in praying for little Morgan.....that God would heal her and give her family strength! Thanks!

I'm joining Ginny over at this weeks yarn along......I have no new books to share.....still trying to finish Jane Eyre! I'm almost there!!!

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  1. I am sure the little child who receives that beautiful hat will be comforted greatly. So little to be going through so much. your daughter is growing up so fast!!

  2. Wow - your handspun is coming along so very well and the bunny is very cute.
    Sending warm and positive thoughts where they are needed xx

  3. I'm sending up prayer's for Morgan and her family.

  4. What an adorable bunny! I love the yarn colors. It's so much fun to dye your own isn't it?

  5. How special that your bunny is made from yarn you spun, dyed, and then knitted? I love it and Hannah Grace will too, I'm sure!! I'll keep Morgan in my thoughts and prayers - that's such a sweet hat for her.


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