Yarn Along

7:18 AM

I started spinning 2 months ago.......I have not stopped! I love it as much as knitting and the fact that I make yarn so I can knit.......well that just makes it even better! I finished my first real hand spun garment. Yes I made a hat last month but this is a shawl! I spun over 300 yds to get this lovely shawl. It's soft and silky and light......perfect for spring! I love wearing something I've spun.....it's just amazing!

Here is the batt of merino and silk.....

 I spun on my Traveler into these skeins..........

 and knit up into this I want you shawl.......ravelry notes here

 Thanks for hanging in there for all those photos.....can you tell I'm excited about this shawl??
No new reads for this week......I'm hoping to get some new ideas on books as I meander through the Yarn along this week! Happy Knitting!

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  1. I love that shawl!!! You did an amazing job at the knitting, now the spinning-I am blown away at your spinning skills :)

  2. WOW! That shawl looks great! Gotta get my knitting mojo back. You are inspiring me to dig around and give my vest a re-go.


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