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9:52 AM

Hi there......can you believe it is the middle of July already? This summer is flying by! This post is going to be more about making yarn then actually knitting with it! I do have a few projects on the needles that I am trying to finish up but this past month has been all about my spinning. I've been participating in Tour de Fleece on Ravelry and it's all about spinning while the Tour de France is pedaling! So we are in our last week and i am really happy with all that I have accomplished so far!

One thing I did challenge myself to do was to finish a spin on my support spindle. And I am very happy to say that this week I did just that! I started with this beautiful Hicaya Alpaca and merino silk blend and ended up with this very fine lace weight yarn......I spun the singles on my support spindle and then plied them on my wheel. My daughter has already claimed this for a shawl project she wants to do.

And here are a few other skeins that I have finished so far.........

I have been having so much fun during this tour in the teams that I am on......if you are a spinner you should join in on next years tour it really pushes you to get spinning!! I'm sure I will be back to more knitting next week and I will show you the sweater that I just cast on for! Because really it will be sweater wearing time again before we know it!!

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  1. Your spinning is amazing!!!! Is it three ply? I admire how even it all is...I spin, too, on a Kromski Minstrel and I am currently spinning singles for some dyeing with hollyhocks and indigo that I grew. I am knitting a sweater for my girl, too, all on homespun, hand-dyed with plants. Such an addiction. But when I see your yarn, I realize how much I have to learn. Thanks for the inspiration!
    xo Jules

  2. Your spinning is amazing. So even! I can't believe you spun that yarn on the spindle. I love this time of year just because it pushes me to spin more than I usually would.

  3. Your spinning looks amazing so even. I am in the process of learning, but it is a slow process. I love you new header.

  4. I could only see one photo at a time in my browser and I kept scrolling down saying, "no THAT one is my favorite, no THAT one is my favorite!" Beautiful yarn!

  5. Just... wow! I can't believe how lovely those all are. Wow.

  6. I love the colors of the yarn, it's absolutely beautiful! :)

  7. that last skein!!! the colors are stunning!!

  8. I adore the first one, the gray one! I had a feeling that you were doing tdf :) Glad to "see" you and catch up on your spinning!


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