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I took a journey this past weekend and of course it involved yarn shops! But that was not my main purpose although it was a delightful part of the weekend! I ventured on my own........yes ......did I say I was by myself? No children......not a single one and let me tell you that I can not remember being alone for more then a day in a very long time. And it was odd and yes.....I talked to myself and  missed home and all my little ones but it was also lovely and I was not always alone because I had headed north to visit with my oldest daughter who is on an internship in Canada.

I left Thursday for the 7 hour drive and got through a good part of the second book in the Outlander series. It made the time fly by and I enjoyed the ride. Thanks to Holley at English Girl Canadian Man who I found a few weeks ago right here on the Yarn Along I had some yarn shops to visit and a few sites I wanted to see.  Hand knit Yarn Studio was a cute little shop with beautiful yarns in Hamilton where I picked up a skein of indigo dragonfly yarn in the colorway Tickle Fog......sooo fun!

 I hiked Bruce trail and saw Albion water fall in Hamilton

 I also walked along the Water trail in Burlington which was lovely

 We headed into Toronto on Saturday and visited the Toronto Textile Museum which had an education room filled with all types of looms and drop spindles. Then we also visited the ROM. My daughter Emily and I also visited Spun Fibre in Burlington and we really enjoyed their selection of yarns and fiber. I picked up some Malabrigo nube fiber in the colorway poison and also some Regia sock yarn.

 While in Canada I finished my simple toe up SKYP socks and I was happy to get them off the needles. I immediately cast on for a pair of tube socks for Hannah Grace who is growing so fast I think that is all I will be making her for a while so they fit longer. We have been reading nothing but this adorable book I picked up at the Textile Museum. It's called Feeding the Sheep by Leda Schubert and is about a little girl following her mom and learning all about wool from the sheep to the sweater. So sweet and the illustrations are lovely. Perfect for us moms that love fiber!! 

And of course a few photos from this proud Mom of my girl doing what she loves! She has been in Canada for over a year now but only has 2 more months and then she will be home. For a time before she heads off again.  Here she is riding the horse she has been training.

Well my post had a lot more then yarn and reading but

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  1. The waterfall in Hamilton looks beautiful! I love traveling and visiting knitting shops. :)

  2. Love your socks- just finished a pair of Skypes my self. Your daughter and horse look beautiful-lovely pair.

  3. and post that includes family is perfect!!! (great looking socks!!!!)

  4. Lovely! I recently put that book up on my YA post after I found it at the library! My girls loved it too!

  5. looks like you had a fab visit and you spent time with your daughter yay! Love your socks :) BTW I am planning to be at the fiber festival hopefully saturday morning, I've memorized your face and if I think it is you up there I will say hi! I will have a red windbreaker jacket on or in my hands.

  6. It was really nice reading about your visit with your daughter as well as the yarn and books.

  7. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your visit! The waterfall is GORGEOUS.

  8. It looks and sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your daughter.

  9. of course nice socks, yarn, knit stores; beautiful picture of you and your daughter. what a lot of blessings you have!


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