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I'm at that point where I am trying to find balance in my crafting. A rhythm maybe that allows me to be productive yet spontaneous. For many weeks I have had a few projects that I needed to start. Casting on a shrug that my daughter needs. Continuing to spin for my #acrossthepondsalkal which I will have to explain in another post. Starting the wedding shawl for my daughter, also another post. I have been avoiding some dabbling in others and finding myself on Ravelry day dreaming of other cast ons and things to make.

Wedding Shawl Yarn
 Enough! It's not that the projects are not enjoyable, they really all are. I think I was just a little over whelmed and not at all organized. Yesterday I decided on a plan. I cast on for the shrug, caked up the wedding shawl yarn and decided to spin one batt a day. I also decided on a few goals. Flexible goals. And now that I have a simple plan things are moving forward!

 The shrug is a pretty one that my daughter picked out. Matrimonio Bolero and it's free on Ravelry she says and so I head over to the site and it's in another language, in lace weight and we have fingering, and she wants long sleeves not short. OK this might have been why I was putting it off. I hate math.....really hate it. But there is an English translation and I figured it all out. Turns out it is a fairly easy knit and I am almost done with one sleeve. The yarn is Voolenvine's in the Succulents colorway and I picked it up at her trunk show a couple weeks ago. where I actually got to meet her. I love her podcast and she was just as sweet in person!

On the wheel is the Apricot the Alpaca. I have finished blending up big squishy batts and now it is on to spinning all of them! It is such a fun spin and I am loving watching how the colors are coming together.

The book you see peeking out from under my knitting is Angora A handbook for Spinners. I linked to this book yesterday in my post about our rabbits. You can check that out here if you are interested in how we harvest our angora fiber. This book is just so informative and I have been reading and gleaning new insight into angora fiber every time I pick it up.

I am looking forward to moving ahead in my projects now and trying to reach my goals. I say trying as I know in our busy household things things hardly go as planned. And that my friend is just as I like it!

Joining Ginny over at Small Things for our weekly Yarn Along! Happy knitting!

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  1. How lucky that you got to meet Kristin! She seems so sweet on her podcast. Look at all those lovely batts. They look like a dream to spin!

  2. I need to start having a plan too! :) Lovely yarn and love the color of the batts! So exciting that you were able to meet Kristin! I hope you are having a great day!

  3. Ohhh your spinning looks adorable!!
    I struggle with balance as well - planning is good and important but letting go and accepting we wont be able to knit and craft everything make life more peaceful ;-)

  4. gorgeous lace knitting and the stitch definition is so crisp! I love that about knitting. your daughter with the wool is adorable.

  5. The yarn for the wedding shawl looks fantastic and the colour of your fibre is stunning.

  6. I love that big stack of pre-spun yarn, what a great colour! :)


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