Where am I looking for my applause?

7:02 AM

How can you believe,
who receive honor from one another,
and do not seek the honor
that comes from the only God?
John 5:44

Jesus spoke these words to the religious leaders at the time and He is also speaking them to me. Whose praise am I searching after today? Who am I looking to for that pat on the back? 

A Commentary I read said this
Christ's meaning is, that there is no other way in which men can be prepared for receiving the doctrine of the gospel, then by withdrawing all their senses from the world and turning them to God alone.....

God alone....not my family....not my friends....not anyone in this world but my God. This is a tough one, I must say I fight this on a daily basis. I worry what others think, I get caught up in being the person others want me to be. We as a family do things a lot differently then the world does....raising a large family...homeschooling....trusting God in all things....sometimes others don't agree...we are judged, and I get caught up in it...in this world....

When all that matters is what He wants me to be. Who I am in Christ is all that matters... I need to be seeking after God's praise not this worlds...it is His applause that matters! 

So where are you finding your applause today? May it be in Him alone! 

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  1. Amen! I've been thinking about this a lot lately too; and God's been convicting me about where I'm looking for approval from as well! And to examine why I do what I do...


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