I want to dance like David!

7:07 AM

I just got my hands on Sally Clarkson's newest book Dancing with my Father. This book is all about finding the joy that should be ours ALWAYS in Christ.

Sally begins by recounting the story of David and how he had a different heart. Because he had a different heart he looked at life differently then those around him did. He was able to defeat the giant because of that heart and he also was able to joyously dance in the street to celebrate his God with such abandon and child like wonder. Sally's Mom explained it this way in the book.....

"A person with a different heart doesn't see life as it appears from the outside. Instead she sees life from the heart, the way God sees it. She follows what God tells her to do in her heart, not depending on what she sees with her eyes. So you need to learn how to see God with the eyes of your heart and follow what God shows you is really true. It's like looking for God's secrets as you would search for treasure. The ones who have different hearts find the treasures of heaven that God has strewn all throughout their lives so that they can always find joy wherever He is."

David had found the key to joy.....and he found his joy in the only true source of joy.....God. Oh Lord, I so want my life to be seeped in the joy that comes only from You!! I want to learn to dance like David!

I am looking forward to learning how to find and keep this joy in all circumstances.....with all the snow we just got I think I might just curl up by the woodstove today and read the day away....


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  1. I've got to read this book eventually - to have that kind of joy is something I definitely need to learn & put into practice!


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