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Ever since the earthquake in Haiti my eight year old has been praying for the people. Whenever we pray Jacob always remembers to ask God for shelter and food and water for the people of Haiti.....he has been deeply touched by the pictures we have seen of the tent cities and the conditions little boys his age are living in and so he prays. He also asks that they would be able to learn about Jesus and how much He loves them.

So one day we were listening to the word FM radio station and we heard about a project called Tents for Haiti, Jacob turned to me and said...."Mom, can't we donate a tent?" and then a few seconds later...."Heh Mom, can we ask other people to donate tents?"

And so we decided to get really crazy and start a Tents for Haiti project at our church! Last Sunday Jacob got up in front of our church and told the congregation about his  heart to help the Haitian people and how he wanted everyone to donate a tent and that they should go tell everyone they know to donate a tent!! I was so proud of him. He had never spoken in front of a lot of people before and Jacob actually has a speech problem (verbal apraxia) but his words rang loud and clear that day in church and my heart was full of joy.

We are trying to raise our kids with a global worldview......a view that knows they are lucky to live in America and have the things they do.....but that other kids...a lot of kids don't. As a Mom, seeing Jacob catch that vision and want to do something about it was so amazing!! I can't even explain it!! He is only eight and raising tents.....I can't wait to see what he wants to do next!!

So if you live near by considering donating a tent!! We will keep you posted.....Jacob told me he wants at least 100......a man in our church told him let's go for 1000!!!


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  1. what a great young man you have on your hands...praying that you reach and even exceed your goal!

  2. How did the collection go once all was said & done?

    Have missed reading your postings!

    Hope all is well & to see you soon.



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