31 Days to a better photo!

5:11 PM

 Ok So I am going to be following along with Darcy on her 31 days to a better photo.....a lot of it I am already doing but I need to do it better! So if you need help getting out of auto or understanding your camera this is a great place to start!!!
Today she wanted us to play with shutter speed and here are my results

1/2s F 22.0 ISO 400

1/30s F 8.0 ISO 400

1/13s F 13.0 ISO 400

1/80s F 5.0 ISO 400
Thanks Claire for being my model!!!!


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  1. Since your other equivalents changed as well, you wouldn't notice the result of shutter speed as much.

    Try again and lock ISO and aperture (the f/#) and change only the shutter speed to watch your image change.

    Thanks for playing along! Keep up the great work!

  2. Just curious. How do you lock the ISO and aperture. Thanks


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