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6:45 PM

Well it has been a while since my last post........but it's the last Yarn Along of 2011 and I wanted to share some of my Christmas knitting........mittens for Claire, a hat for Emily, ear warmers for Elaina ( and also for myself! These will be great for running in the cold!)  and Spud the sheep for little Hannah Grace......Hannah Grace also ended up with these adorable mitts to keep her little hands warm. The boys didn't end up with hand knits this year but they did not seem to notice! I linked each pic to my ravelry notes.

Ear warmers for me!! A first time doing cables...so fun!!

Star Flower Hat

In Threes A baby cardigan This was not for Christmas but I don't think I posted it yet so here it is.......just needs buttons! And here is Hannah Grace modeling it!

Chunky Mittens
Fast and Easy Mitts

Spud......isn't he cute!!!

Well that was a picture heavy post! I look forward to seeing what everyone else is up to today! Join Ginny over at Small Things to play along!! Blessings to everyone for the New Year!!

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  1. Gorgeous knits!
    I love Spud ♥ Adorable!!

  2. I LOVE all of your projects. Your little one is soooo adorable! ;o)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. ;o)

  3. Wow! So many beautiful things!! (and a beautiful baby, too!) Fabulous.

  4. Lovely knitting, lucky children to find such gorgeous handknitted lovelies under the tree.............I think I may need to knit me a Spud......brilliant!

  5. Lots of beautiful knitting. I made that same headband for my daughter earlier this year. My first time for cables too. I love the dark gray color of yours.

  6. Yay for Spud! I love your ear warmer too... great job!


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