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6:47 AM

I really did not think that much knitting got done this past week.......trying to catch up with life around here. But I guess some stitches were knit because I have 2 finished projects to share with you! The first are the socks I started and almost finished on the plane a couple weeks ago. They just needed to be bound off. I used Hermione's for the pattern but did them toe up with a sweet tomato heel. Ravelry notes

Then I decided I needed something colorful and spring like on the needles since our weather is making me feel like spring will never come......so I grabbed this yarn that I spun last year and cast on for a Ruffled Summer Top for Hannah Grace. I knit this top when she was a year old as well.....a cute and fast knit.  Ravelry notes

She loved this yarn and asked if I would make her socks as well......so I cast on for some funky fun socks that are knitting up real fast. Oh and my sweater is finally blocked and ready for buttons......still no photos to share, maybe next week! I'm at a point where I can cast on for a new project and I'm not sure what I want to start......I'll be digging into my fav list on ravelry today!
I'm joining in the Yarn Along over at Ginny's today and can't wait to see what everyone has on their needles!!

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  1. spring is being a bit silly this year. I'm back to long sleeves but soon very very soon....I love your daughter's dress and she looks so sweet in it and her expression is adorable!

  2. What a beautiful combination, your beautiful daughter and the beautiful top.

  3. Spring is starting to annoy the snot out of me. Hopefully, we get some real Spring weather soon.

  4. what a cute dress/top you made for your lovely daughter! very nice! hang on, Spring (and summer) is coming!

  5. oh such beautiful projects! The top is gorgeous, really suits your daughter too :)


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