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9:07 AM

It has been a fibery week indeed! I have been knee deep in processing my first fleece and test washing some fiber from another 2 fleeces! This is my first time and I plan on doing a blog post on the whole process later this week. Everyone has their own way of doing it and I am trying to find mine as I glean wisdom from those that have gone before!


Knitting has been in the back ground but I am making progress on my socks that I shared last week and I also decided to pick up the pace on my Josephine Shawl. I really want to be able to wear this now. So I'm trying for 5 lace repeats a day.....then it will be mindless stockinette for a while. I have a back log of things I need .....(want).... to cast on for but I am trying to restrain myself till I get this done.

The past weekend we deemed "Mothers Day" weekend! I started enjoying my weekend on Friday with our monthly Guild Meeting. We had around 35 people attend this months meeting and it was great to see so many familiar and new faces. We spent the day doing nothing but talking fiber and doing fibery things. There is nothing bad about that!

Then Saturday Emily and I headed to the "Studio" to spin and mentor others wanting to learn. I was able to get this months club from Three Waters Farm on the wheel and decided to do a navajo ply to keep those colors true. The fiber is targhee and it was my first time spinning it. I finished it up on Sunday and the colorway "Spring in my Heart" has truly stolen my heart! Not sure what it will be yet but am enjoying just petting it for now!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day as much as I did mine! I woke up to breakfast and all sorts of wonderful gifts! My most favorite is a gorgeous necklace my children gave me! It has all their names and birthstones and I just love it! I am a very blessed Mama!

I will leave you with a photo of our newest addition.....a sweet girl named Chandler! Life is full of surprises and she is a happy one!

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  1. What a lovely weekend you must have had! The necklace is gorgeous.
    I love your Josephine - such a wonderful colour.

  2. What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Your yarn looks beautiful. I just love that necklace.

  3. The yarn is stunning, such beautiful colours. Sounds like you had a great Mothers day, we celebrate Mothers day here in the UK in March. The necklace was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

  4. I love that you used the word "glean", and that fiber looks fabulous, I'm sure you will find your way to process. Congrats on the new kitty, your daughter sure does look quite happy. Happy Mother's day!!

  5. I want a new kitty! Haha!

    Your shawl is really beautiful, as is your yarn. Happy belated Mother's day!

  6. Happy New Chandler! !Kittens are all fun and no work.
    Love your spin up

  7. I think my favorite picture is that bowl of yarny "ice cream". :^) Beautiful yarns!

  8. I wondered if Chandler was the cat or the girl. Either is pretty special looking...


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