Early morning quiet time

6:02 AM

I am an early bird.....hubby leaves for work quite early and so I am up at around 5am. I love it! I gather my tea and sit in the living room in the rocker in front of the bay window. My view this morning was crisp and cold....a wintry woodland. I am glad for the wood stove and the warmth it brings me. But I am more glad for this quiet time because in this house of many blessings it is not easy to find a truly quiet moment to meet with the one who directs my day.
I have a basket by my chair and in it are my bible and what ever devotional I might be going through at the time...(note to self...I finished the last one and need to find a new one) And so I begin my day with my pep talk from the Lord. I find this is essential to my day going His way......not my way...because I always mess it up....but His way. I love praying as the sun comes up and He fills my cup so that I can overflow it to the others in this house the rest of the day.
Then I get to come down and have a little computer time....I need to figure blogging into my day and how that should look. I do not want to get caught up and spend hours here so I am going to have to work on that.
We do follow a loose schedule for chores and learning which I am actually tweaking a little right now I will post our schedules when I am done.
Today is dd's 11th Birthday so we will be making homemade brownies for her and she has requested french toast for dinner! We will pull out her baby pics and videos and enjoy all that she has brought to our family. She is truly a blessing to me. Especially in the kitchen...she loves to cook and bake and helps with many meals! I am really looking forward to a fun day!

Let me share a verse God showed me this morning

I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Yes Lord I am weak and need your power, please let your power rest on me today........

All is grace Alisa

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