Lyme disease?

8:35 AM

Well yesterday I spent the afternoon at the ER with my 9 ds ......his knee was all swollen and he could barely walk. This has happened before but not this bad. So they took xrays which look fine and bloodwork because they believe he has lyme disease. I hope not but we will find out sometime today when we get the bloodwork back. And today I am off to the back has been really bothering me and now I can barely tolerate sitting and standing....not good for a mom that needs to move alot!! I am praying that the chiropractor will give me some relief!

Our word for the scripture challenge this week is beauty. I just found a neat online concordance at This is a neat tool for studying your bible, I think I will be using it alot. Hopefully this afternoon dd and I will work on our cards. I did do one layout yesterday for the template challenge at faithsisters. These are pictures taken at our churches drama production of The First Christmas. My 14 dd wrote a short play about the birth of Jesus and she then directed the youth and they performed it at our local American Legion Hall. It was a wonderful outreach project and the kids truly blessed everyone that attended. I am really proud of dd for doing such a great job!!

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