Beauty and my 7 mirrors!

6:06 AM

I have been studying the word beauty in the bible this week for the scripture challenge. I ended up using 1 Peter 3:3-4. God looks at our inner beauty that is what He is concerned about. And a gentle and quiet spirit is very precious in the eyes of our Lord. I try to have that gentle and quiet spirit...I really do....but in my flesh I fail so often....too often!
I can tell when I am failing because I will see it reflected back to me in my children......don't you love that! I have 7 mirrors walking around my home to remind me when I am falling short of the mark God has set for me! I will see them getting short with one another.....bickering.....and then I remember that I was short with them. A moms attitude truly does set the tone for the home! I long to always have that gentle and quiet spirit........I want to give the Lord that precious I can see that precious gift in my children too. I am getting better at it and isn't it great to know that our God is merciful and forgives us when we fail and helps us to try again.......Yes, I love that about our God!
All is grace Alisa

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