Missing in action

5:33 AM

This past week has been a bit crazy. The whole crew even Dad got the flu bug really bad so since last Thursday someone has been really sick. I am the only one that has not gotten it. On top of that we had a call about Garrett's lyme test and it came back positive, so yesterday we went to the doctor and he is on antibiotics for 3 weeks. I am praying this cures it.
I have been really tired lately............now I know why! We are expecting blessing #8 in October! We are so excited but have not told the kids yet...this weekend we will let them know!!
Most exciting is that this will be our first homebirth!! I have wanted to do a homebirth but Brian was never comfortable with it....now he is!! So in the midst of all this crazyness God has chosen to bless us greatly!!! I have been busy with my CT work for faithsisters.......I will post the layouts as soon as the challenges are announced on the site. I also started working on a chipboard album for my friends 40th b-day party. I will post it when I finish!!
Today is playgroup and we are off to a beautiful dairy farm to milk the cows and buy raw milk! Yummy!!

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  1. Love your blog!
    You've also been tagged so visit my blog for more details! God bless!


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