So much has happened

9:45 PM

Well, I have not posted in almost a much for keeping the blog updated! But things have been happening and so I will update now and hopefully be able to post at least once a week.

February was so busy and we had a great visit with my brother and his son Zach. They spent the weekend with us and all the kids got to go snow tubing! So much fun! The next week I would have been 9 weeks along with this pregnancy but God had other plans and we lost the baby........I was pretty upset even though I have miscarried 2 other times years ago. My first thought was...oh No I'm getting old and there will be no more babies......but God got a hold of me and reminded me that He was in control.....At the same time my back was getting worse and it got to the point where I could not get out of bed for 3 days due to the pain! So I had to let friends and family do everything for me......a very humbling experience for me as I like to be in control and do for others not the other way around! I ended up going to an accupuncturist and it has helped so more pain.

The whole family has also been sick at least three different times in the past month...even Brian had a bronchial infection and he never gets sick.

So here we are ready for spring and staying healthy and being outdoors! I have not scrapped much, but this week started my digi in deep class at Jessica Spragues site.......I love her classes! So far I have 2 layouts done and a mini album on much fun!!

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