Caleb is Three!

5:21 PM

Three years ago today this precious boy entered our lives.....a true gift from my heavenly Father! I can't believe my baby is three today! We are all spoiling him rotten today.....well....actually I think he gets spoiled rotten every day!! A trip to the for dinner and homemade cupcakes for the celebration!

I am entering a new phase of life....this is the longest I have gone without having a baby in my is taking some getting used to on my part! I so miss that sweet baby smell and oh those baby smiles! But we are so blessed to have 7 and so I will hope that Caleb clings to me a little longer and needs me a little more before he decides to grow up!

Caleb my prayer for you today is that you would always remember how much I love you, how much Jesus loves you......and may you grow to be the man God intends you to be! He is already doing such a work in your heart my little man! And I thank God for giving you to me for this time.....may I be worthy of being your Mom...

smaller one

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