A month of thankfulness 25th, 26th and 27th!!

6:08 PM

Sorry I have been MIA....life has been busy!! But here I am to update my month of thankfulness.....which by the way is winding down now...it's lamost the end of the month!! Where did it go??

November 25th....this was one happy day for this boy!! His first hunting permit in hand!! I am so thankful that he loves to spend time with his Daddy and loves doing the same things he does...they are off after Thanksgiving to enjoy a week of hunting and doing man things....

November 26th....Happy Thanksgiving Day!! Brian had to work and we went down and spent the day with his family. These are all the cousins. I am so thankful for so many things today....the blessing of family, friends, food, but most of all the blessing of Gods mercy and grace which He bestows upon us every day!! Thank You Jesus!!

November 27th.....today I am thankful for yummy chicken noodle soup...and what better way to eat it then slurping up that broth through a straw!! MMMMM!!!!!

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