The Gratitude list continues.......

7:37 AM

It's Multitude Monday.......a great reason to blog today! And I know I have been scarce around here but I hope to get back to more blogging on a regular basis......I've been too busy just living life!!
As Thanksgiving week approaches my heart has been pondering gratitude and how I can live a life that reflects thankfulness on a more daily basis. I really have so much to be thankful for and so the list continues!

the smell of freshly stacked wood

Claire's fresh made chocolate chip cookies

visits from  Grandma

the light of a full moon at clear and crisp

operation Christmas child boxes lining the church wall......a little Christmas joy in each one! What a blessing!

craft projects spread out and progressing....slowly but surely

hunter orange hanging in the hallway....young boys looking forward to this years hunts

so thankful for His grace that covers all the mistakes and the words said before thinking....He covers it all!


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