Sub Way Art.....a do it yourself project!!

5:35 PM

So I am in gift making mode! And I have been seeing these great subway art signs all over the place. Now everyone has different tutorials up for doing these I looked around and then came up with a plan to make my own. I wanted these to be easy peasy......all you need is your Photoshop elements......your printer and some great fonts.....all of mine were free and found easily around the internet!
I decided what I wanted my sign to say and then played around with different fonts until I got it just right.....
then I stole some of my daughters water color paper..(love the texture!) and ran it through the printer!
These are the ones I came up with today.....this one will be for my daughters music teacher....I already had the frame and just added some cute buttons!!

This next one was the first one I did......I really like it and decided to keep it for myself!!

I already had this frame as well and I think this will look great in my hallway this Holiday season!!!

This last one is not framed yet.......this will be for my kids art teacher.....I think I want to get a piece of wood, spray paint it black and then mod podge this on. We will see. I love the quote though.....perfect for an art teacher at a Christian co-op!!

These are so easy and I think they look really classy! I am so glad I decided to try my hand at it!! I have some bible verses I would love to do this with as well!!!

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