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I've been a bad blogger! I have not updated in forever! So here is the scoop on some of my latest projects.....

For the past 2 years I have begun P 365.......only to fail to keep up with it the whole year. (SIGH!) So this year I looked for a way to make this super simple......with a baby on the way I knew I would not succeed (AGAIN) unless it was super easy to keep up with.....taking the photos is not the problem...oh no.....I take loads of photos every day. It was the documenting and journaling part that always threw me.

So enter Project Life!!! I love it! This makes P 365 easy and sooooo doable! For the past 2 weeks I have kept up with it and I really LOVE the way the album is turning out! I take about an hour or 2 on Monday afternoon and print out my pics.....get any journaling for the past week done and then put it all simple yet so worth it!!!

Here are some pics of my first few weeks!

The pocket pages make it really easy.....I can add memorabilia and I have decided to only journal the stories i want to tell......some pics don't need journaling at all!

I also want to post my P 365 pics here if I can......if it is to much to keep up with I might we will see!

Here are my first 2 weeks of photos.....I am editing in PSE 8 and using actions as well.

You can also see from my pics that I've taken to crocheting! Another reason I have not been on the computer as much......I have made all kinds of things for the baby and winter hats and scarves for the boys as well! Right now I am making Claire a manta ray.......I'll post a pic when it is done! I really think if i can stay organized about this I just might finish it this year!!!!


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  1. I absolutely love the way you are putting your 365 photos into a photo album. I tend to take pictures and never print them. I think I might just have to follow in your footsteps.


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