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9:17 AM

I was able to finish up Hannah Grace's Spring Jacket this week! We had a long car ride and it was just what I needed to finish that sleeve and get all those ends tucked away! I am still on the search for the perfect buttons....so I guess it is not really totally done! I am thrilled with the end result! And she was happy to model it so I could get a few pictures!

 I also visited my favorite Local yarn shop this past week! And of course I picked up some yarn for a new project! I wanted to make the baby a rabbit to put in her Easter basket and found this adorable pattern .....here

I decided to go with this soft cotton yarn.....it's called Hopi and comes from Peru.....the colors are soft and sweet and I picked a light peach for the bunny and she will get a darker peach dress. The bear will be tan with a blue hoodie! I am almost done with all the pieces for the rabbit.....then comes seaming it all together....another long car ride would be great for that!! with only a week and a half till Easter I need to get this done!

We picked up a new book for our morning devotional with the younger kids and we are really enjoying it. Who is God? And can I really know Him? is all about teaching our children what a worldview is and how what we believe should effect our worldview. It's is written really well and appeals to my younger ones 13 down to 5. There is even a coloring book to go along with it which is really nice. It has brought about some interesting discussions and I look forward to reading more of it!

We are also listening to The Rangers Apprentice at lunch time.....a great boys book! it is keeping them glued to their seats to hear what happens next!

Our warmer weather has turned colder these last few days.....normal temps for this time of year are back! Looks like we can wear those warm woolens a little longer!! Join Ginny over at Small Things to see what everyone is knitting and reading!

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  1. Gosh I wish I could knit like that! Your sweater is gorgeous! I haven't progressed past a dish cloth. LOL!

  2. Love love love the sweater! That cabling on the back is gorgeous and the stitch definition is perfect :) Well done. Your model is a cutie as well!

  3. What a gorgeous sweater for a pretty little girl! I have yet to knit anything with cabling, but I love the way it looks!!

    Long car rides are GREAT for getting some knitting done! I am heading out on a day trip with my mama tomorrow and am really looking forward to some knitting time! :)

  4. Beautiful Knit work I love the color too

  5. The little coat is beautiful.

  6. That sweater is beautiful! I have some baby items to knit but they are all for boys. Bummer! Guess I'll have to wait for somebody to have a girl.

  7. LOVE the sweater, and your daughter is adorable.

  8. grace looks so sweet in her new jacket:) the rabbit pattern is cute

  9. Beautiful jacket on a beautiful girl!


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