In the Moment

9:17 AM

~Noticing God's glory

beautiful sunshine! After all the rain everything is green and growing!

~listening to

boys playing games on the computer and Hannah Grace gabbing away at them!

~clothing myself in 

Christopher and I just ran 3 miles so I'm still in sweaty running pants and tank top

~giving thanks for

oh so many things......a weekend that was so full!! A trip to the airport to see Emily off on her trip on Friday and all went well!! Sunday Hannah Grace was dedicated at church....Brian and I had lunch then met the girls at music fest in Milford....then came home and went to the pool with all the boys! A very full and blessed day!

 ~books we are reading

those reading lists are coming along........

~pondering prayerfully

praying for Emily and her team as they leave tomorrow morning for Thailand.......still trying to get our summer priorities in order......Lord may we about the things that are important to You!!!

 ~creating by hand

the baby kina is done and now I am working on a bonnet to match!

 ~learning lessons in

patience.......yes! patience!

 ~carefully cultivating rhythm

Summer is here and we need a rhythm that goes along with that......I am working that out this week!

 ~begging prayers

For Emily and her and that the people they will be reaching out to will have open and ready hearts.....also praying for her growth in her relationship with the Lord   .......

 ~keeping house

working on those new chore charts.......

~in the kitchen

grilling.....lots of good grilling going on!!

~health and fitness

had a great long run with Elaina on Saturday......6 miles!!! in just over an hour!!! And it felt fab! 

~loving the moments

it's all about the pool now......and will be for the rest of the summer! I love hanging by the pool and watching the kids.....Hannah Grace is going to keep me hopping this relaxing knitting for this momma!

~Hannah Grace

I just realized her back mohlers are coming in, I can't believe she is old enough to get those!! She has new antics every day and a crowd of siblings to cheer her on! It is so funny whenever she hears music she is up and dancing really dancing moving her arms and her little tush....too cute!! 

~living the liturgy

prayer...lots of prayer these days... and it's all good!!  

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  1. I will pray for Emily for her safety in Thailand. What a wonderful opportunity!


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