In the moment

8:59 AM

~Noticing God's glory

the sun is shining!! It's cool and crisp out and we are wrapped up in blankets this morning!

~listening to

the boys playing legos at the kitchen table.....yes they play legos at 7:30 in the's all about ninjas and secret weapons today

~clothing myself in 

tshirt and running this morning but I do need to get showered and changed soon....I'm off to meet Emily and get our hair done!

~giving thanks for

a fun day on Friday at Hershey Park......the weather was cloudy but we had no rain until around was a great day spent with family!! I even got to ride 2 of the coasters!!!

 ~books we are reading

I'm putting together a summer reading list for me and the boys......list coming soon!!

 ~pondering prayerfully

My prayer life and what I want it to look like......I would like to be more intentional but I never seem to get there ........I want to keep Emily covered on this trip and I need to figure out how to do that!

 ~creating by hand

Brian's cousin Jane and her husband have adopted a new baby......a little girl!! So of course that means I have cast on for a new little sweater in pale pink......I'm making a Baby Kina sweater!

~learning lessons in

regular lessons are on hold......lots of lessons on patience though.....

~carefully cultivating rhythm

We will be coming up with a new rhythm after Emily leaves this week......a summer rhythm with a balance of learning and activities!     

 ~begging prayers

for my Emily still....... she leaves Friday and praise God she is totally funded!!!! God is so good!!!

~keeping house

note to self......revamp the chore charts! With one of my biggest helpers leaving I will have to fill in some gaps!

~in the kitchen

this is why momma runs.......

~health and fitness

I only made it out once last week to run and I felt sluggish all week.....Monday I started interval training on the treadmill and it felt so good!!! I'm going to keep doing that when I need to run inside!

 ~loving the moments

of summer being here......the pool is open and it looks like swimming will commence this weekend. The lazy days are here!!!

~Hannah Grace

This little one is changing and growing every day! She is climbing on everything!! She signs...please and eat and more and thank you....she even tries to say thank sweet!! She climbs on my lap pulls my shirt and signs please when she wants to nurse! She loved the rides at Hershey and had so much fun!
She is really going to miss her big sister.....she loves to head on down the hallway and into Em's room to check out what she is doing......she usually play with her nail polish bottles or gets into Em's clothes! She enjoyed taking rides in her luggage the other day......too funny!!

   ~living the liturgy

 trying to form new habits is hard if you don't make time for seems like it is going fast forward and I can't keep up! I need to do better this week with my quiet time and my prayers.....
We started listening to a series of sermons on Revelation this week by Voddie Baucham.. 
We will be doing this for our devotions for a while I think.....very good stuff!!

 Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours….” 1 Chronicles 29:11


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