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7:09 AM

I've missed a couple Yarn Alongs and I have decided that's ok.......life gets busy and I can't always get to this space to write and post and I've given myself permission to be alright with it. I do love heading over to Ginny's every week and checking up on what everyone is doing even if I don't get my post up! I always come away inspired and almost always with a new pattern added to my must knit list!
I have been knitting some quick projects......good summer knitting! Socks and now these beautiful mitts!
I have one done and well I got distracted and jumped into a KAL......but I will get the other one knitted up soon! These are the Merletto Mitts and it's a free pattern! I used my most recent handspun! It's a merino, yak and silk blend and so soft! I know I will love wearing these next winter!

 And now for the distraction.....I bought this pattern when it was first released and the yarn for it as well! It's June's favorite cardigan and I loved it at first sight. Then spring came and it got put to the side. Then I came across a fellow raveller who decided to have a KAL for June's favortite cardigan in "JUNE"! So I decided to jump in and it was just what I needed to motivate me to get going on it! It's always more fun to knit a project with others! I am almost done with one sleeve and I am loving the pattern!

This morning is busy but I am looking forward to this afternoon when I can grab a cup of tea and look through all the links over at Ginny's!

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  1. Good to see you! love your knits you currently have on the needles. Glad you are busy with life in a good way :)

  2. Yarn along is a bit dangerous for providing more patterns to add to the endless list! :) Your current WIPs are lovely. :)

  3. Great knits you have on the needles. Hope you were able to that cup tea and a little knitting time :)

  4. Your mitts are lovely, what gorgeous yarn! The June sweater is perfect - I want!

  5. What lovely mitts and I love your yarn - it's fine to miss a week life is so busy x

  6. wow that blue/purple yarn is amazing! I love the mitts! I'll have to start some for myself - I could really use something like that next winter - it gets terribly cold in classrooms at our uni sometimes... :)

  7. That first yarn is such a beautiful colour way and the mits look fab knitted up in it.

  8. I love the sleeve for your sweater! That cable is just lovely! And OH the purple of your mitts... I never was that into purple until I had three daughters and now I am in love with most purple shades. GORGEOUS!

  9. Those mitts are gorgeous, ok it's only one but you have the other one to look forward to.
    Now the sweater will be lovely done too. Like your sleeve.
    Yarn along is a great place to come for ideas, thanks for sharing.


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