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This spot has been quiet this summer as I have just been too busy to get over here and blog. The spinning......knitting........and reading have still been going on and I have happily finished some projects this summer that truly make me smile! I also have some on the needles that are keeping me happy these days as well! And we are coming upon the most perfect time of the year to knit......and also to wear those knits!

Just this week I finished a homespun creation.......another shawl. This one is merino and bamboo and was and was just amazing to spin and to knit with! (Ravelry notes).

Sorry for the overload of pictures.....Hannah Grace looks the cutest in it! I'm thinking this will be my shawl to wear next weekend at the PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival......anyone else planning on going this year? I would love to meet up with you!

I am also working on this blanket for Hannah Grace's bed......(thanks to Ginny for the pattern) it's a fun and easy knit! (Ravelry notes)

My reading right now is mostly for the kids new school year which we will be starting up next week! I'm planning out our read alouds and trying to get as organized as I can before we begin.  I'm excited to head on over to Ginny's at Small Things and see what everyone else has been up to! Looks like a cloudy day so I have an excuse to sit with a cup of tea and check out the links!! Happy Knitting to you!!

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  1. so good to see you! The shawl is breathtaking and I love all the photos of it. So nice to know that you've had a good summer filled with family time and knitting spinning time.

  2. Oh my word - that is stunning! And you can NEVER have too many pictures of yarn. Or cute children!

  3. The shawl is gorgeous and your spinning so beautiful and even, I hope one day I will get there too :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  4. Beautiful yarn and shawl. as well as gorgeous child!
    First time here!

  5. What a beautiful shawl - and so wonderful to see how you got there!

  6. Gorgeous color and pattern for that yarn! Your girly is so adorable in it. :) I am also feeling tempted by that baby blanket and kept watching Ginny's come along so beautifully! Your colors are great for it.

  7. Wow!!!! What an amazing feeling it must be to spin your own yarn and end up with that gorgeous shawl, such a pretty colour. X

  8. Gorgeous! I love the shades of blue! Looks great on you and Hannah Grace.


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